Why I am on Staff - James Bales

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Why I am on Staff - James Bales

Post  CoSoCO on Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:22 pm

Why I am on Staff

I canít imagine a more important or needed job than that of a staff member. This is the only thing thatís going to ensure a future here in Columbus or anywhere else.
James Bales

ďNo single human being can stand aside from the fray, a spectator wondering who is going to win. It is his OWN fate that is being decided: will he in the future have a decent life or will he be crushed down into the mud?Ē ~ L. Ron Hubbard Ronís Journal 34, ďThe Future of ScientologyĒ

Make The Difference.

Join the team.


Director of Routing & Personnel

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