Ensure your success in any area!

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Ensure your success in any area!

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The Fundamentals of Alignment: Production, Coordination and Purpose.

Based on the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Hilton Columbus/Polaris

8700 Lyra Drive

Columbus, OH 43240

Phone: (614) 310-2230

FAX: (614) 885-1605

$295 at the door.

Prior to May 9th - $195.
(other family/company members $125.)

After May 9th - $245.
(other family/company members $145.)

Arte Maren is an original Class VIII auditor, trained on the original Class VIII course with LRH. Arte has been a Scientologist for 46 years and is Clear #742. He is currently on Solo NOT’s®

He has lectured to companies and associations around the world on the subject of Dianetics®, Scientology®, and Hubbard® management tech including such companies as IBM, General Motors, Nestle Corp, etc. He has disseminated on radio and television throughout the world, including such shows as Larry King and Voice of America. He is the past Chairman of the Professional Consultants Association, International - composed of consultants using LRH® admin tech around the world.

Arte researched what LRH had written on each level of the Admin Scale and created a 62-page manual of LRH quotes on each level (given to and available to attendees only) as well as the workshop around each level with practical drills. Each attendee leaves with a completed scale on whatever dynamic they choose. This is vital management tech and in fact, IS - what management is all about.

It is a very powerful seminar with lots of doingness at every level of the scale. How powerful is this tech? Here are a few examples:

“I attended your incredible Admin Scale Seminar at the Hubbard College. Life is so much more effortless and I am in games. After your seminar, I paid for my OT VIII®, salvaged a large account at work and had our highest month ever.” Tammy Gardner

"The excitement and power I feel is difficult to put on paper. This was such an awesome workshop. Thank you Arte and eternal thanks to LRH!" JD

"I have been able to create incredible results at work and at home without even thinking about it. Thanks so much for this awesome tool. The wisdom you have for the vast tools and ideas of L. Ron Hubbard. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! " Martha Levine
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