Get rid of fears and insecurities...

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Get rid of fears and insecurities...

Post  CoSoCO on Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:39 am

from Church of Scientology of Columbus <>

In just two exciting and jampacked days, you’ll:

Learn how and why Dianetics works and what it means to be Clear.
Find out the source of your irrational fears, nightmares and unwanted emotion—and how to get rid of it.
See a step-by-step audiovisual presentation on Dianetics theory and procedure, so you can start applying it fast.
Be guided by highly trained Dianetics specialists who will assist you every step of the way.

Buy the book. Attend the Seminar. Call now! Tel. (614) 221-5024

At the seminar, you’ll see the How to Use Dianetics film, detailing every aspect of Dianetics theory and procedure. You’ll know exactly how it is done and be able to get started fast. It includes example after example of Dianetics in action, showing the do’s and don’ts as well as the results of Dianetics with stories from people who have done it, including actual Clears.

Held every Saturday and Sunday at 30 North High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Church of Scientology of Central Ohio
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